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Shaft Recently carried out some tests on the common shaft on the market, including the support shaft, notebook shaft, all-in-one machine shaft, holster shaft, two-in-one keyboard shaft, etc., the following is the test of the notebook shaft results to share.

The screen shaft design of the thin series notebook has always been a concern of notebook enthusiasts, not to mention the use of LED display. How to deal with the joint of the screen cover and the keyboard base is definitely a place that reflects the design strength of the shaft manufacturer. Is the so-called thin and good screen shaft can not be both, is this really the case? Or come with me and identify it. From the picture below, we can see that the design of the screen axis is very clever. Despite the use of a traditional one-piece screen spindle to connect the body to the screen cover, the integration of the waist line and screen shaft makes it stand out. Thanks to this design, the lines of the whole machine are also more smooth and the appearance is more fashionable.

 How to judge the performance of the notebook shaft

Integrated screen spindle design

The integrated screen spindle design can lift the screen higher than the body, which can bring a larger screen rotation Angle. There is also a rotating shaft structure that allows the screen to be opened up to 140 degrees, which is convenient for users to view the screen content in all directions. The screen can be opened to about 140 degrees carefully you should also find the screen rotating shaft hidden suspension. Indeed, the laptop cleverly places the microphone on the right-hand side of the screen's axis. Although this is only a small change, but for the 11-inch notebook specification, it plays an important role in saving the space available on the body, and the design is very scientific.

The balance of the damping force of the microphone screen shaft above the screen shaft is a very complex thing, especially in the case of a small screen weight, how to ensure that the screen will not loose, but also can automatically close at a certain Angle, is a problem that the shaft manufacturer needs to consider.

In terms of the damping strength of the screen shaft, the all-in-one design screen shaft does not design small damping because the screen weight is very light, but the damping force is very suitable. Open the laptop screen to 90 degrees, lift and shake back and forth without rocking or shifting. When the screen is closed to about 30 degrees, the upper cover of the main engine will lose the damping force and close itself under the influence of weight, which is conducive to the user's opening and closing operation.