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The installation board of electronic components in any electronic equipment is carefully organized, comprehensively laid out and reasonably planned by engineering and technical personnel according to the functional characteristics of various components used. As an installer of hollow coils, pay attention to the following problems.

(1) The installation orientation of the hollow coil should meet the planning requirements

The installation orientation of the hollow coil and the relative orientation of other elements should conform to the rules of planning, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the whole machine. For example, the orientation of the high frequency choke coil and the magnetic antenna in a simple semiconductor radio should be properly organized and reasonable; The antenna hollow coil and the vibrating hollow coil should be perpendicular to each other, which avoids the effect of coupling with each other.

(2) The appearance of the hollow coil should be checked before installation

Before use, we should check whether the structure of the hollow coil is firm, whether the turn is loose and loose, whether the lead contact is loose, whether the magnetic core rotation is sensitive, and whether there is a slip button. Check these aspects are qualified, and then install.

(3) Hollow coil in the use of process requirements for fine tuning, should think about the fine tuning method

 Precautions for installation and use of hollow coils

Some hollow coils in the process of use, the need for fine tuning, relying on the change of the number of hollow coils is very inconvenient, therefore, the selection should consider the method of fine tuning. For example, a single-layer hollow coil can be used to remove the number of trapped hollow coils by the end of the method, that is, in advance around one end of the hollow coil 3 to 4 laps, in the fine tuning, moving its orientation can change the inductance. Practice has proved that this conditioning method can complete the fine adjustment of ± 2%-3% of the inductance. The hollow coil used in the short-wave and ultra-short-wave circuits is often left half a circle as a fine tuning, and the inductance is changed by removing or turning this half circle to complete the fine tuning. The fine-tuning of the multi-layer segment hollow coil can be completed by moving the relative interval of one segment, and the number of turns of the movable segment should be 20%-30% of the total number of turns. Practice has proved that this fine-tuning scale can reach 10%-15%. A hollow coil with a magnetic core can fine-tune the inductance of the hollow coil by adjusting the orientation of the magnetic core in the hollow coil tube.

(4) The use of hollow coils should pay attention to the inductance of the original hollow coil

Hollow coil in use, do not arbitrarily change the shape of the hollow coil. The gap between the size and the hollow coil, otherwise it will affect the original inductance of the hollow coil. Especially the higher the frequency, that is, the fewer the number of hollow coils. Therefore, the high-frequency hollow coils used in television sets are usually sealed and fixed with high-frequency wax or other medium data. In addition, it should be noted that in the repair, do not arbitrarily change or adjust the orientation of the original hollow coil to avoid causing mismatch problems.

(5) Adjustable hollow coil installation should be easy to adjust

The adjustable hollow coil should be installed in the easy-to-adjust position of the machine in order to adjust the inductance of the hollow coil to achieve the best operating condition.