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Inductor products play an important role in the circuit. There are more and more types of inductors, and the application range of different product models is also different. Today, the inductive coil knowledge shared by Dongguan Shijie Jiade magnetoelectric products manufacturers is the problem of adhesive for inductive coils. The so-called induction coil is a component that converts electrical energy into magnetic energy and stores it. The structure of an inductor is similar to that of a transformer, but with only one winding. The combined effect of the inductor coil is to block the current, and the inductor coil has a certain inductance, which only blocks the change of the current.

When two induction coils are close to each other, the magnetic field change of one induction coil will affect the other induction coil, this effect is mutual induction. The magnitude of mutual inductance depends on the degree of coupling between the self-inductance of the induction coil and the two induction coils, and the components made by using this principle are called mutual inductance.

 The problem of adhesive in inductors and the role of various inductors

The resistance of these capacitors and the inductor coil itself is added to form a resonant circuit, resulting in a certain resonance rate, which reduces the stability of the inductor coil inductance and reduces the Q value. Generally, the distributed capacitance should be reduced. In order to reduce the distributed capacitance of inductor, different control methods are generally used, such as intermediate winding method and honeycomb winding method. The coil is the inductance in the circuit. The guide wire is wound together one by one, the wires are insulated between, the insulation tube can be hollow, can also contain an iron core or magnetic powder core, referred to as inductance.

Inductors can be divided into fixed inductors and variable inductors. The fixed inductor coil consists of wires wound one by one around the insulated tube. The wire is insulated from each other, and the insulated tube can be hollow, or it can contain an iron core or magnetic powder core, referred to as an inductor.