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Speaking of FPC wiring, everyone must understand or be familiar with what FPC is? FPC according to the function, can be divided into many kinds, such as FPC antenna, FPC touch screen, FPC capacitive screen, etc., FPC line is one of them, popular point, FPC line is a connection line group that can be bent to a certain extent. It is a very common connector product in the electronic market, but in all connector product types at present, the transmission capacity of the board-to-board connector is the strongest one, which can be widely used in many fields, mainly used in communication networks, power systems, industrial automation, office equipment, intelligent home appliances, military manufacturing and other industries.

Among them, the protection performance of the PVC pipe packaging on the small-pitch FPC/FFC connector is not good, and the product needs to be placed on the PCB manually in the SMT process, which increases the off-line process in the customer assembly, seriously affecting the production efficiency. The carrier belt packaging is based on the packaging of surface mount electronic components such as IC, and the packaging belt designed according to the shape of the product can well protect the product from damage

 Details to be paid attention to in the process of pin processing

At present, with the popularization of SMT technology, the application of surface mount connectors is becoming more and more widespread, and various types of PCB have corresponding surface mount connectors. From the perforated (T/H) welding process to the surface mount (SMT) welding process, the connector terminal arrangement Pitch (Pitch) can be reduced from 1.27mm to 1.0mm, and gradually reduced to 0.8mm and 0.5mm, and the application of the SMT process allows the welding of electronic components on both sides of the PCB. The component density on the PCB is greatly increased.

Needle row production, name introduction

1, tap switch: also known as patch tap switch, plug-in tap switch, pressing tap switch, side press tap switch, tap button, tap button switch, tap button switch, etc.;

2, connector: also known as connector, plug, socket, row of pins, row of pins, pin base, single row of pins, double row of pins, double row of pins, single row of pins, etc.;

3, DIP switch: also known as patch dip switch, plug-in DIP switch, DIP switch, program switch, code switch, key switch, etc.;

4, toggle switch: also known as patch toggle switch, plug-in toggle switch, slide switch, single-pole two-bit toggle switch, single-pole three-bit toggle switch, bipolar two-bit toggle switch, bipolar three-bit toggle switch, etc.

5, boat type switch: also known as warping switch, single-pole single-throw boat type switch, double-pole double-throw boat type switch, square boat type switch, round boat type switch, boat type switch with light;

6, self-locking switch: also known as patch self-locking switch, plug-in self-locking switch, no lock switch, key switch, key and so on.