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Four common problems of notebook shaft

With the falling price of laptop computers and the increasing demand of people, owning a laptop computer is everywhere these days. With the laptop computer will also appear some common problems, notebook shaft failure is one of them. When it comes to rotating shafts, perhaps few people pay attention to them. Because everyone will default to it as an innocuous accessory on the notebook, as long as the screen can be opened and closed smoothly. You know, the notebook shaft is like the "joint" of the notebook, its design is good or bad, not only will affect the overall style and life of the notebook, but also affect the port arrangement of the notebook. Because the laptop shaft is a complex and sophisticated system, and many users are not careful or there are some misunderstandings in the process of using the laptop, which directly and indirectly leads to the failure of the laptop shaft. Although it is no trouble to find a laptop repair point in the city, it will always waste time and money to affect the use of it. Moreover, there are problems such as price opacity and arbitrary charges in the notebook maintenance industry. "It is better to ask for others than to ask for yourself" : For some common faults of the laptop shaft, the user can make a preliminary diagnosis, and the hands-on ability can also be repaired. Let's talk about the common faults and daily maintenance of the laptop shaft.

Notebook spindle

1, notebook shaft life failure:

The notebook shaft has a certain life, for example, a notebook shaft SMS-ZZ-219 independently developed and produced by SMunge passed 2W swing test, and the loss rate is about 15%. I looked at the structure of the notebook shaft (the principle is to use the spring radial pressure of the rotating ring close contact with the base. That is, by friction (the principle is friction), the notebook shaft is usually made of metal, which may rust, in addition, the shaft will be coated with oily substances that play a lubricating role, and long-term use may also lead to a gradual reduction in lubrication effect. Loose opening display due to reduced friction.

2, notebook shaft fracture

Notebook shaft is often made of powder metallurgy, zinc alloy, high carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials. Different functions of the notebook shaft in the factory will go through a variety of tests, torque test is one of them. In the process of use, it is often easy to break the notebook shaft due to too much force to open the screen card or not open the situation.

3, laptop shaft housing fixed point is damaged

When the notebook shaft side is connected to the host and the display screen, it is often not tightened when the notebook shaft is assembled or loose in the later period, resulting in the fixed point of the shaft housing is easy to be damaged

 Notebook shaft 4 common faults and maintenance matters

4, the screen cable in the rotating shaft is broken

A poor shaft design light causes shaft failure but does not cause the normal use of the laptop, heavy causes the screen line in the shaft to break, and then causes a variety of laptop failures.

Similar problems, if you understand the notebook shaft structure, you can analyze and solve the fault yourself, otherwise you can send the computer machine to the official after-sales service center of the corresponding brand, and professional maintenance engineers will disassemble the machine for testing and maintenance.

Notebook shaft in the scope of application:

Here to popularize the knowledge of the structure of the laptop shaft, the shaft as a symbolic element of the laptop, is now an important factor to distinguish the laptop and tablet computer. A computer with a fixed shaft must be a laptop, and a PC tablet 2-in-1 laptop with a removable shaft is generally promoted by Intel. And a computer without a pivot, it must be a tablet. In fact, one of the key factors affecting the user experience is the opening and closing Angle of the screen, it can be said that the larger the opening and closing Angle of the laptop, the better its experience is. The maximum opening and closing Angle of the general laptop shaft is about 130°, and there are always many different ways to place the laptop when we use it. At this time, if a larger opening and closing Angle is needed, such a shaft design will inevitably affect the user experience. So there are many laptops on the market with a 180° opening and closing Angle.

Two, then, how to do the notebook shaft maintenance?

1, open the way "gesture center" is conducive to the left and right sides of the shaft force is consistent, extend the service life!

2, open strength "open light" notebook shaft is a kind of damped, self-locking function of the hinge, the internal has a special structure, open and close requires a certain torque. Excessive force, parts wear more, damping force decline too fast, affecting the service life!

3, the damping force of the rotating shaft comes from the friction of the internal parts, in the friction, a small amount of heat is generated, therefore, the opening speed is slow, effectively prevent the temperature from being too high.

4, do not continuous frequent opening and closing the truth is very simple, just like: break a piece of wire, you only need to at one point, quickly fold, then produce a lot of heat, especially hot, continue to fold, more and more soft, finally, broken!