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FFC flat line is convenient to use links, greatly reduce the volume of electronic products, reduce production costs, improve production efficiency, suitable for moving parts between the motherboard, PCB board to PCB board, miniaturized electrical equipment for data transmission cables. Because of its stable structure, easy to use, long service life and other advantages and widely recognized by the market, its superior performance and FFC flat line material is inseparable, of which the film is called FFC line "protection", plays a very important role, then what specific functional characteristics, next for you to tell.

I. Structure of the adhesive film

The adhesive film of FFC cable is one of the three main raw materials that make up FFC flat cable and is composed of PET, printing layer and hot melt adhesive layer. PET is the substrate of the hot melt film, usually the thickest part of the three parts of the film, the traditional film thickness used in industry is 43U, 60U, 100U.

The printing layer is printed with a layer of ink, the thickness of the ink can be ignored, the color of the ink can be customized by the FFC film manufacturer according to the needs of customers, the most used color in the general industry is blue, that is to say, the printing layer is generally some blue fonts. The total thickness of the adhesive film should be composed of PET thickness and the thickness of the hot melt adhesive layer, the industry has a common expression method, such as: E19-43 indicates that the thickness of the adhesive film is 43U, PET is 19U, and the hot melt adhesive layer is 24U; E32-60 indicates that the total thickness of the adhesive film is 60U, PET32U, and the hot melt adhesive layer is 28U. Generally speaking, the same total thickness of the adhesive film, the thicker the adhesive layer, the better the effect of extrusion FFC flat line. Because the thicker the adhesive layer, the deeper the conductor is embedded in the adhesive film, the greater the adhesion force between the conductor and the adhesive film of the FFC flat line, the clearer the texture of the pressed cable.

FFC Flat wire film function Overview

Two, film color

The color of the film can also be customized according to the needs of customers, the FFC cable film used more in the general market is white, this film is composed of transparent PET and hot melt adhesive layer, if the customer needs a black film, then attach a layer of black ink on the inner surface of the PET, and then attach the hot melt adhesive. In theory, as long as the color of the ink layer is changed, the color film that the customer needs can be made.

Three, the meaning of printed film characters

Generally, the industrial FFC flat wire consists of two layers of adhesive film and a layer of copper wire in the middle. As shown in the figure: usually the upper film is a printed film, and the lower film is a pure white film. According to the characteristics of the printed film, some basic characteristics of the FFC cord can be read. That is to say, some basic explanations of film printing.